Fr. James F. Podlesny, O.S.B.
Combined Secretary:
Sondra Wagner
Combined Coordinator of Youth Religious Education:
Combined Bookkeeper:
Angela Reese
Councils & Committees – 2021
Combined Parish Pastoral Councils
Sandy Douds (SC)
Lucille Knapczyk (SH), (recorder/convener)
JoAnn Love (SH)
Bill Smith (SC), (facilitator)
Mary Stoner (SH), (facilitator)
Sacred Heart Finance Council
Saint Cecilia Finance Council
Linda Costello
Dave Johnston

Steve Wagner
Steve Douds
Camellia Miller
Tony Slezak
Kenneth D. Stas
Combined Parish Events Committee
Marlene Boggio
Mary Butina
Cindy Harr
Anita Henry
Lucille Knapczyk
Eleanor Rabic
Nancy Rabic
Betsy Sherbondy
Kathie Siko
Kathy Slivko
Marty Yandrick
St. Cecilia Fundraiser Committee  
Aaron Cirota
Ed Poponick
Mark Ferlin
Mike Ferlin
Cheryl Goughneour
Jerry Sherbondy, Sr.
Ray Vasinko

Since the inceptions of Saint Cecilia Church and Sacred Heart Church, they both have been served by the Benedictine monks of Saint Vincent Archabbey in nearby Latrobe. This monastic community has been involved in parish work and education since its founding monks arrived from Europe in 1846. From Saint Vincent, 21 other abbeys and monasteries were founded in the USA, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Although the monasic ideal involves detachment from the world to serve God in prayer and labor, historically Benedictines have been called upon to serve as missionaries, educators, scholars, liturgists, and parish priests. The Benedictines strive to maintain a strong community and prayer life, hospitality, simplicity of lifestyle, and a strong commitment to their vows of obedience, stability, and conversatio morum, a Latin term meaning “conversion of life”, which includes living a life of chastity, sharing of all goods in common and willingness to defer to one another in peace, out of mutual respect. The Benedictine strives to see Christ in every person, most especially in the poor, needy, neglected and rejected of the world, and to balance work and prayer in seeking God above all.


Saint Cecilia Catholic Church • 220 St. Cecilia Road • P.O. Box 80 • Whitney, PA 15693 • Phone: (724) 423-3777 •
Sacred Heart Catholic Church • 421 Main Street • P.O. Box 328 • Youngstown, PA 15696 • Phone: (724) 537-7358 •